Glass Songs / Speaking Thru Ceilings

by Peewee Ruiz and Jaykub Rodriguez

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From the depths of our hearts, this album is meant to express and reveal the colored emotions we've discovered in our lives. In many ways this is a moving, intangible, and decorated x-ray of our insides during the course of our lives. With happiness in mind, we create music together which in turn creates a movement in our lives thats directed by... who knows what. The mystery is the exciting part.
This album is the first of 10 albums we will release together throughout the year. March- December. Keep with us to hear more. Thanks for listening.


released March 4, 2011

Drums & Bass & Guitar & Vocals- Jacob
Bass & Guitar- Anthony
Guitar & Vocals- Peewee

Production by Peewee and Jacob




King Benny Productions Houston, Texas

We record, produce, and engineer local bands outta the love we carry in our hearts for music. Initially King Benny was a beautiful silver lining to our departure from New Orleans, Loyola, and our
beloved band mate Nick Serena of Handsomebeast. However, our idea soon and naturally, became: to expand the music scene in Houston by recording as many bands that we see fit for our production stye
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Track Name: Peewee - Nevermind
When were kids
we just want to know its fine
But when were all over time
Everyone's alone when their dreaming
I wonder how we know what we're feeling

Nevermind it is only right
When I love you

(When considering yourself
Its not
What you feel but what you find)
Track Name: Peewee - Everything 2
Everything I've told you Up until this point
Has never left my body its coming out in boils
I wonder where I'm going, with all this information
Without our Confrontation, We'd never leave our bodies
Everything is Different
Everything is different

everything I do will be
Out of place
and i thought that we were on the same
Track Name: Peewee - Correteando Los Colores
Jamas Volveran
Los Colores Que Van
Con el Rostro en que
Me Enamore

Como Extranare
El Rostro en Que
Me enamore

Things have turned
The night has brought out
All of me
I have been waiting
Track Name: Peewee - Never Again
Talking about me like i know
Everyone knows that I'm alone
The truth is nobody knows

Wandering Around
Is the only way I've Learned

Planks of new surroundings
Safe to lie in my ears
Moving regret far away

Wandering around
Is the only way I've learned

Never again will i fall for that trap
Cause it'll Suck me in and take my name
Wandering around in reverse is
the only way i've learned.
Track Name: Peewee - Negative Light
The sun rising
could just be a sunset
I wish you'd see things
in the light that I've seen them

Feeling stranger everyday
I'm being chased but I'm not afraid

What to do
with no light
How are you today
Out of Sight

The Sun rising could just be a sun set
I wish you'd see things in the light that I've seen them
Track Name: Peewee - The Way We Live
Standing naked
for my mother
theres a thunder storm in my head
and if it was made loud
and clear that what
i need is for
my birds to sing
She'd pull me in close
and engage in a kiss
on my shoulder

Standing alone
for my father
maybe you'll understand when your older
and if it was made clear
that what is feel
is neither far or near
can i be so sure
that he is
even really
my father

You must've overlooked
the way we live
why shouldn't we try
to embrace
Track Name: Peewee - Skky
The sky in my mouth
it stands up and yells at me
Like it knows how
Like Eyes on the wall
my insides they know I can't
Can't go on

Transform your nights
Look up at the Sky