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released May 29, 2014

All instruments, voices and production by Joe Ceponis
Giant thanks to Jacob Rodriguez and Eleazar Ruiz for engineering live drums throughout the album from King Benny's House of Hits in Houston, TX



all rights reserved


King Benny Productions Houston, Texas

We record, produce, and engineer local bands outta the love we carry in our hearts for music. Initially King Benny was a beautiful silver lining to our departure from New Orleans, Loyola, and our
beloved band mate Nick Serena of Handsomebeast. However, our idea soon and naturally, became: to expand the music scene in Houston by recording as many bands that we see fit for our production stye
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Track Name: Pretty Blossom
darker now, the light's gone dim again,
wind blows hard on window panes to let you in,
harder now more often's how it is,
you design the climb that breaks your own two wrists.
how you're putting me down, at least I know now
closer now to how it really feels,
more than ever all that you forget is real,
hopes for focus dog you as you deal,
teasing meaning from the force of fortune's wheel.
honest, I can't see the sun through your silver lining
Track Name: Haha
then all of the sudden she's in the sun, then everything feels kind of light
then all of the loving that's been and gone, just happens to come back to life
when everyone's settling in for the night, when you least expect her to call,
she makes all the space in the world alright, as long as you see her at all
then all of the sudden she's in the sun, then everything feels kind of light,
then all of the loving that's there and gone, still lingers a bit in the light,
then everything feels kind of nice
Track Name: America (A Ghost)
you look like you've just seen a ghost, come rest you by my side,
these days just take a steady dose of those we left behind
america don't care, though, america moves on, we take the straight and narrow or else it takes too long
you look like you could be a ghost, awake just late at night,
these days just make us ready, though, to get the rest alright
Track Name: Deeper
all in that river, can you see the blue sky now?
can the hand that drags you down be the one that lays beside you?
don't stop, quick, get up!
deeper you go now, can you feel the sun come down?
can you see the light you found be eclipsed by all this madness?
take me back to where the air is clear, and all the sound you hear,
it surrounds you in a soft pitch...and it goes like this
Track Name: Missing Out
one day i passed you by and it just so happens that was the day you asked for flowers, but i averted my eyes to alert you to my telepathic rumors that was telling me that you were no good, and now it seems
i have been deceived, who'd have thought that you would, need a doctor you were so undiagnosed in your condition, so what i suppose you've got permission
to go missing out on us, to go missing out on what, you never asked me that because:
one day i, i passed you by and i just so happened to see you ignoring you knew me, so i stopped to say hi, but by the time i turned to find you i was long behind you
i went ahead and went ahead for the sake that you left
Track Name: Love Medicine
love medicine, can you be here for me? you know I really need you now.
ain't it funny how it's nice outside again and autumn only makes you sick for spring?
but love medicine understands, places hands in places made for hands.
ain't it sad the way they dance these days? makes you wonder why the music plays.
when it's done, what it's done, hold on, here it comes.
love medicine, can't you see? I'm a wreck without you next to me.
what's the point of seeing 3 a.m. again when only friends afford you any sense of love medicine, on repeat, erasing everything except for me. All the impressions of a real-life past, all the sessions but you're missing tracks.
Track Name: Bad Imaginations
bad imaginations might be turning us
i can't keep a-calling when the answer's no
you say you're gonna show up but you just don't show
it's just this slowed-down rain, it doesn't hear you when you say:
"slow down rain, come back again some other day"
I can't keep a-calling when the answer's no,
you say you're gonna grow up but you just don't grow
Track Name: Fight
hold me steady i'm spinning out,
watching morning come to us is like the sun falling down,
can we please just take our time today.
i'm a drunk and i'm a liar when i do it once,
can i make it so you see me being good too much,
cause i hear you when you say:
you worry with your head and you love with your heart,
but all of you is telling you to tear us apart,
and i might start a fight if you won't let it start,
but i can't fight for you if you get too far.
hold me steady i'm fucked in the head,
i tried to vomit already but i swallowed instead,
i can't let you see me like that,
so i brushed my teeth and i combed my hair,
kissed you on your way to waking up, laying there,
but you couldn't seem to kiss me back
you said you worry with your head and you love with your heart
but your body doesn't care cause i hurt that part,
and i might start a fight if you won't let it start,
said you're sleeping with strangers to meet new people but you don't really love them you just want to keep them around,
in case we don't work out
please hold me steady i'm on my way down, watching morning come to us is like hitting the ground and we're about to just start running
but you start your coffee and a shower for one,
write a note to me explaining what we'd just become, and
"only foolish dogs don't run"
cause you aim with your head and you kill with your heart,
and you want to be with me but you're too fucking smart
and i'm not gonna fight if you're not gonna start and i'm not gonna fight if you're not gonna start
Track Name: Pretty Thing
go away pretty thing, i am not allowed to love you,
you were always right above me, i was up all night, you were fast asleep
move along pretty thing, i do not belong to the way you're going
you were always nice to imagine, i was up the night you were out with him
darling, please, i don't know what i'm doing for you,
it's just a matter of your time, and that's why i'm falling apart on you;
a part of you is mine
stay that way if you want to, say what you say to who you hold on to
you were always kind, now just polite, sometimes
we just never quite got the timing right
Track Name: Cheapest Proof
out in the forest, under the trees, i'm gonna find her, or her me
up in the mountain, over the sea, there's only one place she's gonna be, and that's right next to me
i've seen versions of you, ends of you, in some of them i began to view
them as another expression of you, i know it's fucked but it's the best i do
it doesn't matter where i sleep, she loves to travel and she always flies cheap, but when she gets there, she's just like me
she left somebody somewhere that she came there to meet
pack your bags and magazine, at least you'll have something to read
me i'm so focused I can barely see, hallucinating you in front of me
meet me somewhere you only know, keep it secret so sweet and low
just like you usually do, now
deep in the jungle, in outer-space, i'll be there one day, i know the place
i've seen versions of you, ends of you, i can't begin one of them again
i'll keep it secret like you always do, i'll be there when and where you want me to
been seeing pieces of your picture, it's near-complete but much more's missing -- this little secret is the cheapest proof
Track Name: A Lot
i took it as a vote of confidence,
i heard you say that's so naive,
not actually, though you just thought of it,
the day i caught that plane to fly east
under your armor you buried our things on that beach,
so much for karma, the outcomes were armed to the teeth,
and you won't go near them if i don't go home,
we're better off going it alone,
again, not actually though you just let me know,
when you caught that red eye to new mexico,
now you're nobody's fool anymore,
and your safe haven's doors stay locked,
but you're still someone's jewel to afford,
it's a lot as it should be,
i'll probably never hear from you again,
it's happened before, i'll be fine,
when in doubt an old friend's still a friend,
remember rooftop bottles of wine, for me,
cause i can't forget the two times that you bet me i'd never come to you,
and then when i did you just opened my wrists in your palms,
and watched me going through you,
i wrote you a letter, you won't say you read,
i said things i shouldn't have said
so you stopped responding yesterday,
now i'm about to be halfway to silverlake
but you're nobody's fool anymore,
and you're safe from stories you forgot
but you're still someone else's reward,
it's a lot as it should be
Track Name: There is a Lion, Roll On
i know you meant it when you invented your last escape,
effortless as hell, these days, isn't it?
i know you meant it but you spent more than you had to pay on half the love the end around us finished with, anyway
all this window-shopping's a drag, all you get to touch is the glass
the half behind it passes you as you look back,
but all this begged and borrowed for time, always just a word from the line, the one you find just tends to fall by the wayside
there is a lion in a heart that is dying this is constantly fighting for the light to survive
there is a lion but he's drawing a line in the sand you swore couldn't right this ship if it tried
crossing for the collars of fame, but all you do is call to complain
when you lack the spine to see it through in the meantime,
and what's it gonna get you to change? now you have a heavier name
the weight of which eclipses you in a steep climb by the wayside
roll on, rock out, live long, no doubts
there is a lion, but he's stronger than i am, as i can't even deny i'm on his side